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Rules and Safety

Minimum Age 12

Please show up15 minutes prior to scheduled tour time for check-in. If you missed the start of training, you missed the tour 

A payment must be made in order to make a reservation

(412) 515.3333
Text for faster response 

or Email

  1. Paid parking available in Station Square
  2. All riders are advised to wear a flat bottomed shoes or sandals with a strap around the heel & closed toe.
  3. No using devices while gliding unless a mount is used
  4. No pregnant riders, or riders with serious health conditions.
  5. You must have the ability to ascend and descend stairs, without the use of a handrail.
  6. You must have the ability to stand upright for at least two hours, without hunching over, and step up an eight inch step.
  7. Weigh between 100 – 275 pounds.
  8. Riders 70+ should fully assess overall physical health and reconsider riding if necessary.
  9. Helmets are required, and are provided by Fox Racing. However, riders may bring their own DOT approved helmets and any rider with a very large head should bring their own helmet.
  10. Tour guides reserve the right to prevent riders from going on tour for any reason whatsoever.

By choosing to participate in any Segway Pittsburgh Personal Transporter activity, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the rules and safety guidelines, and that you agree to adhere to them.